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Example media interest

  • July 2023: BBC "Stay Young" series with Michael Mosley, featuring interview with CamCAN participant and report of some CamCAN findings.
  • Dec 2020: BBC Radio 4 interview for All in the Mind about importance of mid-life activities for old-age cognition.
  • Jan 2020: Article in Mathworks newsletter about advantage of Matlab software for CamCAN imaging analysis.
  • Aug 2018: Article in Daily Mail about mid-life activities relating to late-life cognitive health.
  • May 2015: Articles in Science Daily and Health Imaging about individual differences in brain activity.
  • Dec 2014: Articles in Daily Mail and The Times about effect of age on executive functions.
  • Jun 2014: BBC interview on Radio 4 about CamCAN.
  • Sep 2012: Podcast by Naked Scientists about CamCAN.

BBSRC Cam-CAN Promotional Films

In July 2013 the BBSRC released 5 short promotional videos about the Cambridge Centre for Ageing and Neuroscience (Cam-CAN), which can be found here:

More videos

Recent, example Cam-CAN Recorded Talks

Scientific Publications

For CamCAN members and affiliates with approved projects, please refer to this page for publication conditions; for non-CamCAN researchers with approved access via the data-sharing portal, please refer to this page for publication conditions.



In press


  • Lugtmeijer, S., Geerligs, L., Tsvetanov, K.A., Mitchell, D.J., Cam-CAN & Campbell, K.L. (2023). Lifespan differences in visual short-term memory load-modulated functional connectivity. Neuroimage, 270, 119982. [Cam-CAN Author list 14] DOI
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  • Mitchell, D., Mousley, A., Shafto, M., Cam-CAN, Duncan, J. (2023). Neural contributions to reduced fluid intelligence across the adult lifespan. Journal of Neuroscience [Cam-CAN Author list 14] DOI


  • Wu, S., Tyler, L.K., Henson, R.N., Rowe, J.B., Cam-CAN, Tsvetanov, K.A. (2022). Cerebral blood flow predicts multiple demand network activity and fluid intelligence across the adult lifespan. Neurobiology of Aging, 121, 1-14 [Cam-CAN Author list 14] DOI
  • Liu, X., Tyler, L.K., Cam-CAN, Rowe, J.B., Tsvetanov, K.A. (2022). Multimodal fusion analysis of functional, cerebrovascular and structural neuroimaging in healthy aging subjects. Human Brain Mapping, 43, 5490-5508 [Cam-CAN Author list 14] DOI
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  • Stretton, J., Schweizer, S., Dalgleish, T. & Cam-CAN (2022). Age-related enhancements in positive emotionality across the lifespan: structural equation modelling of brain and behaviour. Journal of Neuroscience. [Cam-CAN Author list 13] DOI
  • Kocagoncu, E., Nesbitt, D., Emery, T., Hughers, L., Henson, R. & Rowe, J. (2022). Neurophysiological and brain structural markers of cognitive frailty differ from Alzheimer's disease. Journal of Neuroscience, 42, 1362–1373. [Cam-CAN Author list 13] PubMed
  • Tibon, R. & Tsvetanov, K.A. (2022). The “Neural Shift” of Sleep Quality and Cognitive Aging: A Resting-State MEG Study of Transient Neural Dynamics. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, [Cam-CAN Author list 13] PubMed


  • Knights, E., Morcom, A., Cam-CAN & Henson, R. (2021) Does Hemispheric Asymmetry Reduction in Older Adults (HAROLD) in motor cortex reflect compensation? Journal of Neuroscience, 41, 9361–9373. [Cam-CAN Author list 13] PubMed
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  • Borgeest, G., Henson, R., Shafto, M., Samu, D., Cam-CAN, Kievit, R. (2020). Greater lifestyle engagement is associated with healthy cognitive ageing. PLOS ONE, 15, e0230077. [Cam-CAN Author list 12]
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Selection of Non-CamCAN Publications Using CamCAN Data

Note: not complete; for full list, see PubMed Citations

  • Denis A Engemann Is a corresponding author, Oleh Kozynets, David Sabbagh, Guillaume Lemaitre, Gael Varoquaux, Franziskus Liem, Alexandre Gramfort (2020). Combining magnetoencephalography with magnetic resonance imaging enhances learning of surrogate-biomarkers. Elife. OpenAccess
  • Kathryn L. West, Mark D. Zuppichini, Monroe P. Turner, Dinesh K. Sivakolundu, Yuguang Zhao, Dema Abdelkarim, Jeffrey S. Spence & Bart Rypma (2019). BOLD hemodynamic response function changes significantly with healthy aging. Neuroimage. OpenAccess
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  • Misquitta, K. et al. (2017) The relationship between brain atrophy and cognitive-behavioral symptoms in retired Canadian football players with multiple concussions. PubMed

Cam-CAN Corporate Author membership

The Cam-CAN project involves many different researcher and support staff whose efforts are acknowledged in publications and presentations under the Cam-CAN corporate authorship. A record of the Cam-CAN corporate author members appropriate for each output can be accessed by clicking on the 'Cam-CAN Author list x' links above.